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What is the single most important factor to triathlon racing success? Yes, it is your nutrition
How you fuel your body will determine your performance, so you need to have a proper nutritional strategy on racing day.
A lot of athletes are confused about this aspect, and wonder:

  • How many carbs do I need?
  • Can I avoid gastrointestinal distress?
  • How can I avoid 'hitting the wall'?
  • Why do I need salt during a race?
  • How many gels, bars and isotonic drinks do I really need?

Let this easy-to-follow book provide you with the guidelines you need to get your nutrition right!
Based on the experience of Luc Van Lierde, double Ironman Hawaii winner and coach of elite triathletes, you too can gain the knowledge used by many successful triathletes worldwide.

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Racing nutrition e-book - V2

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